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TIFFANY + CHUCKY (a fan film by Chris .R. Notarile)

TIFFANY + CHUCKY (a fan film by Chris .R. Notarile)

CHECK OUT OUR MERCH: Long before being fatally wounded and transferring his soul into the body of a Good Guy doll, Charles Lee Ray aka Chucky, was better known as the Lakeshore Strangler; a serial killer who wrought havoc all over the Chicago area. But Chucky's killing spree wasn't a solo venture. He had a little help from the only woman crazy enough to stand by his side- Tiffany Valentine. This is how they met. A WORD FROM CHRIS I never really was able to get behind the idea of a killer doll successfully murdering people 5 times his size. Regardless of how fun the original Child's Play series is, it's incredibly impractical. But I guess that's part of the fun. Either way, it's not something I am capable of doing. Being able to pull off an animatronic puppet is just not in the cards (financially) for me. But I was always intrigued by Chucky and Tiffany as humans. And if you haven't already gathered from my body of work, I really enjoy digging into the pasts of characters and building onto their already vague backstories. Jennifer Tilly's portrayal as Tiffany is iconic. She is adorable and psychotic, yet you always empathize with her. You can easily feel sorry for her, and I always liked that. So when I decided to make this story, I knew I wanted to put the focus more on Tiffany than Chucky. Chucky has had 8 films, a remake and a new TV series coming out, he's hogged the spotlight enough. So when I began writing, I knew she was going to be our main character. I wanted to focus on how the world treated her, and how she could so easily end up with someone like Chucky. Unlike Harley Quinn, I don't see her being manipulated into loving a serial killer. I think that side of her was always there, she just needed the right opportunity to let that part of her out. The entire short was filmed in one day in downtown Los Angeles in my favorite alley. Llenelle Gibson gave a hauntingly spot on performance as a 13 years younger Tiffany. She was able to successfully capture Tiffany's flightiness, naivety, temper and of course, her instant connection with Chucky. Kevin Caliber played (a much more hunkier) Chucky. Since this story was from Tiffany's perspective, I was okay with hunkifying Chucky, rather than casting a skinnier, smaller guy for the part. Tiffany is head over heels for her man, and I want the audience to see what she sees, thus Chucky now has pecks. Since the story was set in the 80's, I wanted to go for a more punk-rockabilly vibe. I tried to make things colorful, fun and lighthearted. My KRUEGER and MYERS series were sooooo serious, there was very little room for humor. Definitely not the case here, which if you're like me, is always a nice change of pace.
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