Son of the Saw


January 01, 2020

A small time film crew for the show "Legend hunters" find them selves at the end of the road for their show, and must make this episode the most over the top one yet to be saved from cancellation. However this episode just happens to be about the legend of the film that changed the face of horror cinema forever. As they have closed in on the last remaining know family to live within distance of the "actual" family the movie was based off of. What they find in this place is that the saw isn't family, the saw is god.

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Written and Directed by Brandon Tobatto. 'SAWYER' is a 'Texas Chain Saw Massacre' fan film starring Shanna Ammons, Kage Walker, and John McGinnis, with Brandon Tobatto as Drayton Sawyer. The film is a DIRECT SEQUEL to Tobe Hooper's 1974 original and imagines a world where a 70+ year old Leatherface is tired, angry, elderly, and alone.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Last Round Up Rollin' Grill





Filmed by JD Films.

Sally's Escape From Hell


Shot in two days with no crew.

Directed/Written/Shot/Edited by Gus Trapani
Zach bruce as Hitch and Leatherface
Jennie Yates as Sally
Roderick Klimek as Driver
Produced by Zach Bruce and Gus Trapani

Made by fans for fans. We do not intend to make any profit from this video. This film was simply a passion project made out of the love we have for Tobe Hooper's 1974 masterpiece, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The goal was to try and capture the raw feeling of the original film while adding a tad of our own flavor.

The Chicken Run


For Crissy, waking up was the beginning of the nightmare, discovering her hands and feet bound, her body drenched in sweat from the brutal Texas heat and her brother Bobby, clinging to life impaled on a nearby meat hook. These were the 'visible clues' to horror that lay ahead, the 'audio clue' was the growing sound of a revving chainsaw getting louder and louder, closer and closer, only hinting at the terrifying fate and formidable aggressor on the other side of the ominous, gleaming metal door of the room in which she was trapped...and then the door opened.

A four minute, brutal excursion into terror inspired by Tobe Hooper's 1974 seminal classic.



A short Texas Chainsaw Massacre Tribute...

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Leatherface's Family


On their way to a friend’s cottage, two teenagers eat some delicious home-made chili at a roadside gas station and pick up a sinister hitch-hiker, before ending up at an old home. The home belongs to the Sawyer family… a murderous family making up of a skin-masked chainsaw-wielding maniac, his knife-wielding grave robber brother, and their cannibal chief father and decaying grandfather.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Missing File


A sort of test film for bigger projects shot in one night with no planning and edited in two days.


Directed, Shot, and edited by Ryan Reed

Cast: Miranda Ketchum, Ariel McIntyre, Edward Pitcher.

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