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Slasherverse: Ep. 5 | The Texas Chainsaw Massacre | Fan Film (4K)

Slasherverse: Ep. 5 | The Texas Chainsaw Massacre | Fan Film (4K)

Stay after the end credits for a special surprise! ALL EPISODES OF SLASHERVERSE ARE NOW STREAMING! EPISODE 5: Sally Hardesty leaves her glamorous Hollywood lifestyle and moves back home to Round Rock, Texas, where she hopes to find employment opportunities. While on a work trip with her friends, they stumble upon a house full of horrors, where everybody must fight to survive. CREDITS: CAST Melina Margaret (Sally) Bailey Weaver (Ghostface) Katarena Burke (Pam) Brandon Sergent (Jerry) Quincey James White (Kirk) Daniel Repas (The Cook) Matthew Ward (Leatherface) Writer/Director - Conrad Faraj Producers - Conrad Faraj, David Wickham, Connie Wickham, Jason Ross, Floria Aguilera Associate Producer - DeJonna Williams Director of Photography - Conrad Faraj Editor- Patrick Casteel Composer - Diego Guzmán VFX - Sam Schippers Sound - Jake Keta Special FX Make-up - Ron George Lighting - Steve Olander & Pat Spellacy 1st AC - MacKenzie Meiners 2nd AC/Gimbal OP - Bradley Smolinski FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: IG - TikTok - Disclaimer: This is a non-commercial fan film and is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Legendary Entertainment, The Tobe Hooper Estate, Kim Henkel, or any of the franchise's respective owners. It is a fan film made by horror fans for horror fans.
The Sawyer Massacre  - A Fan Film Unofficial Prequel to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Sawyer Massacre - A Fan Film Unofficial Prequel to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Cast: Jordan O'Neal, Scotty A. Parkin, Nika Louw, William R. Instone, Alicia Jade, Bryley Michael Bell, Jordan Fortiz, Patrick Lescarbeau, Olivia Andrade, Josh Skurnik, Jenny De La Fuente, Lexi Graves, Avery Berry, Bill Houskeeper, Vitor Kvasir Larson-Parachini, Trish Powell, Michael McGlynn, Lisa Dell, Shawn Thompson, Jimmy Pressley, Bobby High, Todd Gillespie Narrated by Albie Robles Writer/Director - Steve Merlo Cinematography/AD - Charlie Brady Sound Recordist - Ben Marchi-Hilton Sound Design/Key Grip - Kiel Hames Production Manager/Location Manager - Chris Joseph Parachini Boom Operator - Denali Heimdahl Larson - Parachini Production Design/2nd AC - Christina Hinton AC/PA - John Montelongo Props Master/PA - Cody Willis Props - Jennifer Elizabeth Roberts, Christine Alverson, Christina Hinton, Cody Willis Set Construction - Justin Loelly Stunt Coordinator - Jim Stovall Stunt Coordinator 2/Grip - Ronald Mercado Animal Expert - Michael Beran SFX/MUA - Sergio Guerra Make Up/Set Pieces - Ryan Strickland Set Pieces - Thomas Smith/Sick & Twisted FX Trailer Editor - Steve Merlo Color - Charlie Brady Music - Steve Merlo, Gory Rory, Solo X, Tony J. Brown Locations: Robert Guill, Wayne Zieschang, Tim Vrabel, Christine Alverson, Chris Sievert, Gaston Marfia, The City of Bartlett TX Accommodations: Christine Alverson, Robert Guill Picture Vehicles - Jeff Kritz, Daniel Leming, Juan Sanchez, Ivan Rrobles Picture Vehicle Drivers - Chad Bennett, Donal Bell, William Instone, Gaston Marfia Catering - RaeAnne Bethany Parachini, Rhiannon BaravnaDuha Larson-Parachini
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