Happy Halloween


In this lost scene from Halloween 2018, a police officer, a trick-or-treater and three high school friends have a deadly encounter with THE SHAPE.

Halloween: The Hunt


Taking place on the same night as Halloween Returns (2019), comes the highly anticipated, next and second chilling chapter in Zagan King’s Halloween fan film story, Halloween: The Hunt. After failing to kill stubborn survivor John (Dagon Harmon) and taking three bullets from former psychiatrist, Dr. Lee (Zagan King), John was sent to his temporary home, where he’s being protected for Myers' attempt on his life while being guarded by a deputy named Keith (Keith Womack) and Sheriff Jackson (Bronson Kittell). Suddenly, Dr. Lee arrives at the home and tells Sheriff Jackson, Deputy Keith, and John that Michael has escaped and is still out there. So they then decide to go hunt for Michael themselves. Unfortunately, they find out that the Shape is nearby and is getting closer and closer to reaching his favorite victim. Find out who lives or dies in Halloween: The Hunt.



A young Haddonfield woman, obsessed with local serial killer Michael Myers, gets more than she asked for when she and a friend attempt to summon him on Halloween night.

Halloween Inferno: Part 2


The sequel to Halloween Inferno. Halloween Inferno Part II takes place after Michael Myers escapes from the fire and drives past the police but before he switches to his classic mask. There is a lot more to tell in the Inferno story before Michael dawns his new mask.

Halloween Night


It’s Halloween in Haddonfield, Illinois. The infamous Halloween Night of 1978 is all but a memory for the people of Haddonfield as the new generation of townspeople look to put the town’s marred legacy behind them. But Death has come BACK to their little town…



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Halloween: Aftermath


Halloween Aftermath is a Halloween fan-film. It follows the new H40 timeline and takes place on the same night as Halloween 2018, picking up minutes after the ending. This film concludes what happens between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch


Daniel Challis, a young doctor returning from the hospital will come across a stranger in obvious shock. That same night the mysterious man will be killed by a masked individual. It will be up to Doctor Challis and the victim's sister, Ellie, to investigate the mysterious murder that will lead them to the small village of Santa Mira, an apparently peaceful town that hides a dark secret.

Rage of Michael Myers



HALLOWEEN: The Boogeyman


A short film made in anticipation of the upcoming films Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. 

All Hallow's Eve


All Hallow's Eve is a "Halloween" short horror fan film written by Ethan Emmert, directed by Ethan Emmert and Aaron Fullenkamp, starring Aaron Fullenkamp, Jordan Brown, and Ryan Dunn.

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