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Louisiana Ghostbusters - Episode 3


After an inexplicable disaster, a large number of previously-incarcerated spirits have broken free all over South Louisiana. Despite conflicts within the franchise and weakened trust amongst the team, the Louisiana Ghostbusters have banded together in teams of two to answer the call. But can they pull off a hellacious night of busts without their regular leadership? What took out the franchise manager just before those traps blew? Why did the seemingly fool-proof traps open? When the Bayou Busters begin to fall one-by-one can the team's rookie, a paranormal expert, figure out what's taking down his franchise before it's too late?

The Ghostbuster


One Ghostbuster is separated from his franchise group and gets the call. A Class IV, Matilda is loose but is she the only spook out there? Directed by Ruben Abreu from Rubenvfxfilms. Featuring Leigh Thorne AKA Dax79 from Primavera Pictures.

Ghostbusters Small Towns Unit 01: Beginnings


A new Ghostbusters franchise is founded in the small town of Farmville VA. 




Ghostbusters of Long Beach


When rookie Ghostbusters Brenda, Bryan and Jake accidentally capture Satan, they must decide what to do with her before all Hell literally breaks loose. Will the Ghostbusters of Long Beach be able to save the world from Armageddon? We sure hope so.

Ghostbusters: Section 6


Nearly 30 years after the events of Ghostbusters 2, Oscar Barrett is at the center of another paranormal maelstrom but this time he has a proton pack.

Ghostbusters Return


A high school student short film project. Sequel to Ghostbusters: The Beginning.

Five Nights At Freddy's Vs. Ghostbusters


Five Nights At Freddy's Vs. Ghostbusters" is a not-for-profit crossover fan film, pitting the two franchises together! A horror/comedy live action movie produced by Blue Core Studios and directed by Eddie Lebron

Louisiana Ghostbusters - Episode 2


Budget slashed, and morale low, these Bayou Busters do what they do because they love it, but every team has its breaking point. Problems begin to overwhelm them, and it becomes less and less clear whether those problems are due to budget cuts or something more nefarious. Relationships are grown and tested in this character-driven installment of the Louisiana Ghostbusters web series which tackles the age-old questions in Ghostbusters lore: When something happens that can't be explained and no conventional solution exists who is the only hope for you?

Louisiana Ghostbusters - Episode 1

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Struggling to recover from a lack of resources and corporate support and plagued by inexplicable equipment malfunctions, these southern Ghostbusters have always found a way to get the job done. But every team has its breaking point. Has our group of heroes finally gotten in over their head?

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