Silent Hill - Circles


Joy wakes up on a roadside and is completely disoriented. He seems to be alone ... in this deserted city ... in Silent Hill. But the question is, how did he get here? And why is he here? What happened to this city? In search of answers, the world around him becomes more and more bizarre.



A man finds himself between worlds after a tragic accident...




Silent Hill Requiem


The year is 2015 and Heather Mason, James Sunderland and Henry Townshend find themselves back in Silent Hill to deal with the nightmare once again. Can they survive the fog and monsters to stop the Otherworld from infecting the entire planet?

NOTE: This is a 13 minute preview of the 130 minute feature. Get your copy of the Full Film by following this link and making a donation to the crowdfunding campaign for the sequel -


Silent Hill: Lost Memories


David searches for his wife in the town of Silent Hill. She is about to show him his memories that he had suppressed for so long.

Silent Hill - Afterlife


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Live action version of the infamous canceled P.T.

Silent Hill: The Promise


Silent hill: The Promise was to be a fan-fueled web series based on the lore of the Silent Hill video games. The project had been in the planning phase for a couple of years and had already gained international attention and gathered a crew of over 20 people and collaborative partners from around the world. The 5-part series would have bridged the gap between Silent Hill 2 and 4 with an original storyline, characters and monsters as well as direct events, locations and characters from the games.

The trailer is all that has been released. 

Silent Hill: LOST DAYS


Based on Konamis video game Silent Hill 2.

Written & Directed By: Brett Driver & Theron Patrick
Director of Photography: Olan Rogers

James Sunderland: Starlin Britt
Mary Sunderland: Lizzy Vincent

Silent Hill: Anniversary


After receiving a letter from his deceased wife, James Sunderland is drawn to the mysterious town of Silent Hill. The possessed town is where the couple spent their anniversary and deemed it their "special place". James searches in hopes to find answers while encountering supernatural events, characters, and creatures that are a direct reflection of his inner personal and disturbing psyche.

A Jay Ness Film/Lon Lon Studios Production


Silent Hill - Lost Innocence


written & directed by Daniele Misischia
featuring: Serena Cacace, Chiara Nicolanti, Napila Zahran & Francesca Vitelli.

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