Never Hike in the Snow


Set three months prior to “Never Hike Alone,” “Never Hike in the Snow” follows the strange disappearance of Mark Hill (Courtlan Gordon), a Crystal Lake resident who went for a hike in the dead of winter and never came home. As Local Wessex County Sheriff Rick Cologne (Vinny Guastaferro) and Deputy Allen Mabry (Bryan Forrest) search for answers, town local Tommy Jarvis (Thom Mathews) believes that his old nemesis Jason Voorhees (Vincente DiSanti) is to blame. Will Diana Hill (Anna Campbell) ever see her son again, or will her son become another lost victim of the cursed camp?



35 years after the events of Friday The 13th part V A New Beginning. If Roy still haunts you, you are not alone! 

Thank God It's Friday


Don't smoke. Don't drink. Don't have sex. Will the camp counselors of Camp Crystal Lake ever learn?


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A young man Michael, disregards unsettling advice from his aunt Ginny and travels to a cabin near Camp Crystal Lake to visit his uncle Lewis, where he encounters the wrath of the legendary Jason Voorhees on a gruesome killing spree. This will be a Friday the 13th not to forget!

Produced and Directed by YoutubersHorrorDomain. This Film has a zero Dollar budget and took over 6 months to make.

Friday the 13th: Resurgence


2020 re-edit with better sound quality and deleted/alternate takes. 

Camp Forest Green


A group of campers hike to Halloway Haven, a beautiful cabin in Camp Forest Green.



A screenwriter who is under quarantine writes the next Friday The 13th script while his boss, girlfriend and hauntings by Jason Voorhees drive him to madness.

Winter Blood


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Jason Vs Pennywise


Jason Voorhees battles Pennywise from the IT Franchise. New Epic Horror Battle to the death! Pennywise attempts to intimidate Jason by using kids from camp crystal lake to bully him. Jason fights back and turns the tides on the evil clown.

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning II


Jason Voorhees returns in this exciting NEW CHAPTER! Kicking off right where the last film ended. Dawn teams up with Angels twin sister Lilith to search for Angel and Mike. They find out quickly that Jason is still alive and well! The film once again takes place in 1999 and features more punk rock music! Hope you enjoy!

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