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Jude, A Disturbed Serial Killer RETURNS and craves to spend his 20th Birthday on Purge Night. As he waits for the right moment; he bumps into Sebastian, an old friend who was just attacked. Jude runs to his aid disguising himself from his haunting past. Over the course of the night, while all hell is unleashed, Jude hides his dark identity until he throws himself into a mad decent of violence and mayhem to keep Sebastian only to himself before anyone tries to steal his prized possession and reveals the "Devil Child" he was born to be.

Riverside Purge


Purge fan film set in Riverside 



As the final hours of the annual Purge play out, a group of misfits circle around their white collar target. Unexpectedly, he puts up a fight.

The Purge: Blood Ties


A Daniel Peña Film Based on The Purge franchise by James Demonaco

The Purge: Origins


This is the story of the first Purge Night in the United States of America. Joseph Diaz (Carlos Santiago), recently Widowed Step Father to Dylan Craig (Jeremy Hernandez), biological son of David Craig (Daniel Collazo). After a physical altercation between David and Joseph, Detective Bullock (Eric A. Hernandez) has reason to believe that David will use the newly sanctioned Purge as an opportunity to avenge the lost custody of Dylan. Without understanding the severity of The Purge, Detective Bullock will be the only Police Officer on Duty to protect his town, Joseph will not be prepared, and nothing will ever be the same.

When The Purge Ends


Ever wonder what happens after The Purge ends?

The Purge: Bloodshed


The Purge commences yet another year, ominous silence covering each and every neighborhood in our "newborn" nation. However, the night isn't so deadly for a group of four seemingly powerless teenagers, who initially refuse to participate in this year's purge until one of them is surprisingly kidnapped. It isn't long before a group of Purgers arrives at their doorstep, eager to kill whoever crosses their maleficent path. Unsure of how to defeat the real enemy at hand, the three must combine their strengths and weaknesses to survive this unnerving and devitalizing night.

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