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Review // 'Silent Hill Requiem' is dark, gritty, and brutal

In 'Silent Hill Requiem' we again meet the iconic video game characters James Sunderland and Heather Mason as they must return to the fog covered streets of Silent Hill to face the dark nature of the titular town once again and hopefully end the horror it reigns. To do so they must not only confront a waking nightmare, but also the dark ancient history of Silent Hill and possibly themselves.

The film was originally crowd funded in 2014 on Indiegogo by Zenithfilms where it swiftly surpassed it's initial goal. Unfortunately there were numerous production delays which left many fans wondering if we'd ever get to see the film in it's completed form. Thankfully Writer/Director Gareth Morgan never gave up. He bulldozed through and presented a film that is clearly a labor of love and the product of someone who knows Silent Hill. The film runs at a little over two hours, with every frame involving intricate set design and effects. There's an almost OCD sense of detail to the film, that will leave hardcore fans satisfied.

The film's visual style oozes Silent Hill. Throughout the film you could easily think you're watching one of the video game in action. There's a shot of Heather in the foggy streets of Silent Hill that alone shows that Gareth Morgan not only knows the atmosphere of the games but also knows how to masterfully merge it with a signature, almost film noir feel. The film is dark, gritty, and at times brutal. There are gun shots to the head, savage clubbings, and blood galore. 

The nods to the series are numerous, and are more than just trivial easter eggs meant to serve as a wink to the fans. Instead, they immerse you in the world. I felt like this could easily blur into the world of Silent Hill. From Heaven's Night to Robbie the Rabbit, it fell into place and anchored into the established franchise. Seeing James wander Brookhaven again was a treat, and Gareth Morgan did an admirable job bringing him to life in the film, literally bearing all for us to see. Though the real star here is Olwen Davies as Heather. I really dug her performance, and she just looked like the next step in the evolution of that character after the events of Silent Hill 3. Even Silent Hill 4 character Henry Townshend (Sam Swainsbury) also makes an appearance - a vastly underrated character from an underrated game. His addition was a highlight in a long list of highlights in the film. 

If you're a fan of Silent Hill, check out the film. It hits all the right marks and expands on the world and characters that Silent Hill 2 and 3 created and manages to weave them into a tapestry that simply feels like it lives in the world of the games.  Gareth Morgan and Zenithfilms is one to look out for, with fan films based on Splatterhouse, Parasite Eve, and Resident Evil on the horizon. 

You can watch the first 13 minutes of the film below and you can help make it's sequel 'Silent Hill Lazarus' a reality by donating HERE and you'll receive a free digital download of the feature length 'Silent Hill Requiem' as well as other perks. 

Seen the film? Comment below and let us know what you thought!

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