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REVIEW // 'Ghostface' is fun, gory and a true homage

The film is not yet currently available due to rights issues but we were lucky enough to catch a screening of the film. In Ghostface we are once again introduced to a masked killer with a knack for deadly banter - setting his eyes on a new franchise of murders. It becomes obvious quickly that the masked madman is looking for previous survivors Sidney Prescott, Gale Weathers, and Dewey Riley - but why?

The film has an interesting take on the mythos with this version of Ghostface looking to "clean house" of the clutter left behind by his predecessors. To successfully reboot the stalled franchise he needs to correct the failures of the past in order to start fresh. This sets his motive of finding the previous survivors to rid his reboot of the ghosts of the old franchise. It's not entirely shocking, but its effective and quite surprising the official films didn't attempt such a take.

The highlight of the film is their take on the film's namesake - from his older raspy voice to his aged and almost decayed mask. He's more violent and gritty than previous incarnations, with an upgrade even to his trusty bloody blade. William Butler's performance is a highlight - giving Ghostface a time to shine in his conviction of insanity and blood lust. He doesn't want rules or some glorious reveal. He wants his legacy to be brutal and complete.

'Ghostface' is fun, gory, and a true homage to the 90's horror classic 'SCREAM' especially with Halloween just around the corner.

Check out the trailer below and we'll keep you updated on the release.

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