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Help fund Tony Bizz Productionz 'CHARLES' - a 'CHILD'S PLAY' Fan FIlm

This campaign is to cover the costs that come with independent filmmaking. A lot of money has come out of our own pockets already to fund this project. But, with the production getting bigger and better we realized that the fans deserve the best we can doThat’s where our supporters come in to help us achieve the best. Our goal is to raise $15,000.

That will cover:• Animatronics and robotics for the Chucky dolls• Creation of props• The gear needed to give the best cinematic experience• Location costs• Production costs“Charles” is a whole new re-imagining of Chucky.

“Charles” looks to put Chucky on the map as one of the scariest horror icons again. The movie will be a horrific rollercoaster, with similar styles to “The Conjuring”, “Annabelle”, and “The Haunting of Hill House”.

With an intense, suspenseful story, cinematic visuals, authentic hand-made dolls, and a beautifully frightening music score, “Charles” will make Chucky scary again.

Watch the campaign video below and donate to campaign by clicking HERE

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