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REVIEW // 'Halloween Night' is a fulfilling entry to franchise

In HALLOWEEN NIGHT It’s Halloween in Haddonfield, Illinois. The infamous Halloween Night of 1978 is all but a memory for the people of Haddonfield as the new generation of townspeople look to put the town’s marred legacy behind them. But Death has come BACK to their little town.

The film predominately follows John Loomis, the grandson of franchise icon Dr. Sam Loomis. John along with his wife (and some unsuspecting Haddonfield citizens) are going to have to come face to face with a figure for his grandfather’s past that they’ll wish stayed buried. Haddonfield has seemingly forgotten the Halloween murders and it’s citizens are at risk of a night they won’t soon forget as a result.

Thunder Knock Studios successfully launched an Indiegogo campaign that raised over $12k which was spearheaded by studios founder JP DeStefano who pulls double duty as the lead John Loomis and Director. Collaborating with Thunder Knock on this film is Sky Nine Productions, a production company led by founder/owner Zach Salazar (Co-writer and Producer), who specialize in producing short films, feature films, web-series, promotional videos, music videos, commercials and more. Combined with Michael Tula (Co-writer and Producer) and his production company Badabing Pixtures, John Schilling (The Shape), and Victor Gelsomino and Hand Cannon Productions.

The film is a well shot, with very good production values. It has some really beautiful blue tinted night scenes that call back to the original film with The Shape blended in amongst the darkness and shadows stalking in the distance. JP DeStefano is a stand out as John Loomis, which really gives you a lead that you can get behind and not question his motivations or intelligence. He is haunted by Halloween and the bloody history of Haddonfield and his grandfather. That said all the actors give solid performances, mostly as fodder for Michael Myer’s to slash through. John Schilling does a good job of giving us a version of The Shape that plays homage to the franchise while adding a brutal edge.

Clocking in at just under and hour, this is a fulfilling entry into the Halloween lore and gives us a solid “what if” film that shows how the events of the series could affect the family of Dr. Sam Loomis. HALLOWEEN NIGHT is streaming for FREE on youtube. Watch below.

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