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REVIEW // "Slaybor Day 7" slays horror tropes with laughs

Here at we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the upcoming horror short film Slaybor Day 7.

In Slaybor Day 7 we’re introduced to the infamous horror icon, Maddox Mason of the popular fictional Slaybor Day franchise. The film plays as a mockumentary, with Maddox being interviewed about his career and the titular franchise in which his character slashes through anyone bold (or tacky) enough to tackle wearing white after Labor Day. The interview is a segment of the fictional series “behind the mask” and Maddox Mason teases a killer surprise by the end of it. Could it be another entry in the bloody Slaybor Day franchise? Or maybe something more ominous?

The short film is first and foremost a love letter to 80’s horror franchises like Halloween and Friday the 13th, as even the “behind the mask” segments have Jason’s iconic hockey mask as part of its logo. It even pokes fun at a lot of the tropes that plague horror films. Repetitive chase scenes across endless sequels and even jumping the shark moments like sending the horror icon into the depth of space.

Most importantly, Slaybor Day 7 is hilarious. As a fan of horror (especially Friday the 13th) you’ll get a lot of laughs at how hard some of the commentary on franchise horror and horror fandom hits home. You can follow the film on Instagram by clicking HERE.

UPDATE: Slaybor Day 7 is now streaming on YouTube. Check out the short film below!

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