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'My Bloody Valentine" Fan Film Launches Indiegogo Campaign

In 'VALENTINE BLUFFS" after the horrific events that took place in Valentine Bluffs, TJ and Sara struggle to move on with their lives in a new town. Circumstances force TJ to move back to his hometown, where he tries to start a new life.

40 years pass, and the town of Valentine Bluffs has forgotten the names of Axel Palmer and Harry Warden. The next generation is getting ready to celebrate the big Valentine’s Day dance. All seems well, until an ominous figure wielding a pick axe appears, leaving a trail of carnage behind.

Why a My Bloody Valentine Fan Film? Writer/Director Tom Smith explains:

"Because many fans have felt that the original My Bloody Valentine film needed a sequel and to this day they continue to ask for one. We as filmmakers and fans agree. A little over a year ago, I had the idea of doing this fan film. I had the story in my head but that's where it stayed. I recall vending at Horror Hound Weekend years ago, and getting a picture with a cosplayer wearing an amazing Miner costume. I thought if I can find this guy, I can pitch my idea to him. After asking around for a while, a convention friend said it was a cosplayer named Chuck Ryan. So I reached out to this man whom I never met, and told him my idea. He was intrigued and asked to read my script which had not been written yet. In two weeks, I wrote the script and sent it off to Chuck. He contacted me and said "I'm in"! Here we are one year later, and after a lot of production meetings, late nights, and after a near death experience due to Covid, we are ready to deliver not only a great story, but a gory one".

Funds designated for production will go towards film permits, insurance, gear and vehicle rentals, stunts, special FX & make up, post-production services and other items that are essential in running a safe and productive film set.

The team have put together some incredible perks available to our backers including limited edition Valentine Bluffs Blu-rays, Fright-Rags apparel (yes, you heard right!), Pins, Posters, Screen Used Props and much more!



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