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Womp Stomp Films releases 'Ghost Cut' of 'NEVER HIKE ALONE'

Never Hike Alone: The Ghost Cut is a Friday the 13th Fan Film that includes Disappear, Never Hike in the Snow, and Never Hike Alone cut into one cohesive anthology timeline. This Ghost Cut has an 80 minute running time including new scenes and voice over from very special guests.

Womp Stomp Films notes, "This cut was assembled to celebrate Friday the 13th of November 2020 and commemorate 4 years of Friday the 13th fan content completed by the Womp Stomp Films. We hope fans enjoy this version of the film and we look forward to continuing this story in the next episode 'Never Hike Again: A Friday the 13th Fan Film' in 2021".

Watch the anthology below:


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