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REVIEW // 'Halloween: The Escape of Michael Myers'

From the opening credits scene that is eerily reminiscent of Halloween 4: Return of Michael Myers to the inclusion of Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper” it’s apparent that this is a love letter to the Halloween series.

The fan film follows Stephen Lloyd, son of Jamie Lloyd, first introduced in the infamous Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers. Stephen has never really lived a normal life after the events of Halloween 6. Now in his teenage years, Michael once again escapes on Halloween and stalks Stephen and his friends as they get together for a low key Halloween filled with other iconic films like Reanimator and Child’s Play 2.

Slowly but surely Michael Myers slaughters his friends on Halloween, but will Stephen survive the night?

This film works running at a brisk 28 minutes and has a sort of “Tales of Halloween” kind of feel to it. It wouldn’t work if it was any longer. The shape is menacing and really is what stands out in the film. He moved like Michael, and really connected this short to the franchise and especially to Halloween 6. There are a few death scenes that are callbacks to some of the more iconic scenes of the series that fans of the series will enjoy.

The acting is flat at times, but serviceable for a film of this caliber. Again, this is where the short running time is an asset of the film. A nice homage to Halloween 6 that answers what may have happened to little Stephen Lloyd after the events of that film.

Check out the film for yourself below

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