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MYTHOS: A Friday the 13th Fan Film launches Indiegogo campaign

Brownspace Films launched its campaign for their Friday the 13th fam film MYTHOS.

In this fan written film, we explore that Jason has rarely faced a foe as resilient as Tommy Jarvis. Though as age begins to take its toll on Tommy, his daughter Angelica will take the reins and face her father's nemesis in a showdown of Voorhees vs Jarvis. Armed with knowledge never before known about Jason, Angelica Jarvis may prove to be his greatest threat yet. With a unique perspective that taps into a gripping narrative, this film will have you questioning everything you knew about Jason.

According to the campaign, "Mythos is the product of not only a love of the franchise but an absolute passion for storytelling. Our aim is to bring a very unique story that will keep you guessing till the very end. This campaign was created to help us complete our unique offering to the fan film side of Friday the 13th. It tries to answer the questions which are: "Why is it there is always one or two survivors at the end, why does he look different?"

Donate to the campaign HERE and watch the video below to get a glimpse at some footage and production interviews.

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