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Spooky Empire Orlando was the true horror story of 2018

Spooky Empire, this year held at the Caribe Royale Orlando, was nothing less than a nightmare for many of those in attendance this year.

Overflow parking was held in an open, sandy filled lot that lead to multiple cars being stuck in sand with little to no help from either event staff or hotel staff. Hundreds of guests waited in line for hours for exclusive Elvira Pop Funkos that they knew days in advance wouldn't be there. Confused and upset guests were told to leave which lead to chants of "false advertising" and ultimately ended with cops being called to clear the line.

Lines for the Elvira photo op extended to 4-5 hour waits, poorly organized in a cramped and poorly ventilated hallway. Printed photos were not available until hours later, leaving many to opt to receive their photo via email. These photos have still yet to be sent. The wait for the Elvira Pop Funkos and photo OP left many to miss the convention offerings that day and saw many vendors sales down. This all on the first day has left many decidedly upset and frustrated.

While the event itself was both an embarrassment and exercise in poor planning and organization - the vendors and fans were in top form.

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