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REVIEW // Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is a puzzle styled game in which you control the legendary Jason Voorhees and you’re sent on a mission to kill everyone.......but the cats! You cant harm the cats 😱! By solving the puzzles you level up Jason and unlock a variety of weapons from a skeleton arm to a chainsaw.

There are 12 episodes all together and each of those are 13 levels long. The levels start off easy to give you the feel of the game but you do notice it slowly getting more and more difficult and finally requires you to think. If you ever get stuck on a level you can ask Jason's mum for help and she will help you by showing you tips (gameplay is played very quickly on the screen and the positions of the characters are reset after that) so you at least have to memorize something in order to beat the level. Hints are usually quite useful but don’t give out too much, usually, they just tell you who to kill first or last. You can also skip a level if you don’t feel like completing it, but you need a certain level of kills if you want to unlock further chapters.

When you reach the last few levels the game asks you to pay if you want to continue which i feel is the games only down fall. Since this is a free game, you really should give it a try if you fancy puzzle games. The puzzles are quite demanding later in the game, but you can still help yourself with the hints and solutions if you don’t want to strain your grey cells too much. There is a lot of free content in Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle, and there is also some more if you don’t mind paying the developers.

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