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Wet Paint Pictures launches Indiegogo campaign for post production on 'VORHEES'

Wet paint pictures is seeking $15,000 in order to fully process all elements of post production. This includes film editing, adding music tracks, sound mixing, Foley sound effects and colorization. All these tasks are time-consuming but critical to providing you with the highest quality film experience.

As a reward, we are offering blu ray copies of the film, Voorhees Tee-Shirts, Posters and other items, so you can support our efforts as well as obtain a memento of the production. We hope you will contribute and become a part of our team! All those who donate will be recognized in the movie credits.

In “Vorhees” criminals have stolen a small fortune from a bank. Instead of trying to outrun the police they plan to lay low in a remote location with a notorious past until the heat is off. Their efforts to find sanctuary become complicated when they cross paths with a sinister force that has long been forgotten.

"Voorhees" is an independent horror fan film that brings a dark and sadistic vision to the iconic Friday the 13th franchise. This film stays true to the horror that has thrilled fans for many decades while bringing our own unique story line.

You can contribute to the Indiegogo campaign by visiting their campaign site HERE

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