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Brownspace Films releases 'Nightmare on Elm Street: Up All Night'

Directed By Jeremy Brown (Friday 13th: Vengeance) and written by best-selling horror author, Matt Shaw. A Nightmare On Elm Street: Up All Night was made by fans, for the fans. The film comes after a successful Indiegogo campaign which saw over 11k raised for production.

In the film we meet Marlow who uses an unhealthier lifestyle to stay one step ahead of Freddy. She drinks energy drinks as though they're going out of fashion, she snorts whatever drugs she can in order to keep her body and brain racing and she spends nights with men who promise to keep her awake all night. This way of living is taking its toll on her though; both mentally and physically. It's only a matter of time before something has to give.

A short introduction to a new Nightmare world. A little taster towards the 110 page screenplay Jeremy Brown and Matt Shaw have for the feature film “A Different Kind Of Nightmare".

Watch the film below

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